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Leaving France

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Leaving a familiar place to discover a new one: leaving France implicates logistics and preparation
Départ de France


In order to allow the employee in international mobility to focus on his or her professional and personal goals, Alceis Global Nomads takes care of the logistics upon leaving France:

  • Administrative work
  • Lease cancellation and security deposit return
  • Termination of contracts
  • Mail redirection
  • Departure retro-planning

The Alceis consultant also accompanies the expats, helping them in written procedures and phone-calls, in order to achieve a flawless departure.

The seminar “Leaving France” is an intra-company program to prepare the employee and his or her spouse to all the aspects of expatriation: motivation, intercultural preparation, spouse mobility and linguistic preparation.

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Marielle was very helpful and patient and I do not think I could have got anywhere to whe