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Returning to France Seminar

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Expatriates are often confronted with a counter-cultural shock upon returning to their home country. Taking this into account allows a serene return
séminaire retour en France

 Whether individual or collective, returning home is not always easy. Companies take care of this increasingly, thus allowing the employee and his or her spouse to experience a smoother and quicker reintegration. Seminars are made-up of several autonomous modules:

  • Understanding life in France after expatriation
  • Apprehending the cultural counter-choc, “closing” one’s expatriation
  • Exploiting one’s experience
  • Building one’s own integration

All seminars are animated by a consultant who is specialised in administrative formalities and a coach specialised in international mobility issues. The sequences alternate theory and practice with practical exercises of role-play. These intra-firm seminars can be organised in the country of expatriation.

  • spouse support
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Loi ALUR à Paris
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Marielle was very helpful and patient and I do not think I could have got anywhere to whe