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The accompanying spouse

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In an expatriation, the spouse has lived an experience which should be put forward upon return
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The repatriation is not only a return to the initial situation. The spouse has to rebuild social relations and prepare for a potential return to their former career by capitalizing on the acquired experience.

A personal backing enables:

  • To focus on the personal situation and to draw out aspirations,
  • To work on a career transition, through entrepreneurship for example,
  • To determine a career plan in an employment occupation,
  • To put the project into practice: action plan, steps to take
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Marielle was very helpful and patient and I do not think I could have got anywhere to whe

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Un petit mail pour vous donner de nos nouvelles. L’installation personnelle s’est bien passée.

relocation Paris

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Tout d'abord je tiens à vous remercier pour votre aide très précieuse et votre efficacité dans ce