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Leaving France Seminar

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An expatriation requires preparation: employee and spouse both have their role
séminaire départ  de France

The Alceis trainings and seminars are divided in several autonomous modules:

  • Leaving France: to be prepared for administrative and logistic steps
  • Being an actor of one’s mobility: to be aware of the profound change an expatriation constitutes and facilitate fitting-in
  • Preparing one’s arrival in the country of expatriation: in order to fully understand the new environment, alleviate the cultural shock upon arrival and facilitate the transition

The seminars are animated by a consultant specialised in administrative formalities and a coach specialised in international mobility issues. The sequences alternate theory and practice with practical exercises of role-play.

Alceis is declared vocational training center n° 11 75 45801 75 
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relocation Paris

Marielle was very helpful and patient and I do not think I could have got anywhere to whe

expatriation Etats-Unis; relocation

Un petit mail pour vous donner de nos nouvelles. L’installation personnelle s’est bien passée.

relocation Paris

Super service, super support, Nathalie est un atout important pour votre équipe.


Tout d'abord je tiens à vous remercier pour votre aide très précieuse et votre efficacité dans ce